ISDB-T10 2 tuner 2 antenna 10.1 inch full seg digital TV receiver for Japan


ISDB-T10 2 tuner 2 antenna 10.1 inch full seg digital TV receiver for Japan

Selling Points:
10.1 inch ISDB-T with 2 tuner 2 antenna

HDMI input

1 x AV in, 1 x AV out

FM transmitter

10.1" ISDB-T

10.1″ ISDB-T

ISDB-T10_10.1inch_digital_TV_receiver_with_full_seg_3 ISDB-T10_2_X_2_tuner_antenna_full_seg_isdb-t_b-double-twin-tuner ISDB-T10_2_X_2_tuner_antenna_full_seg_isdb-t_b-hdmi-rca-in-out ISDB-T10_2_X_2_tuner_antenna_full_seg_isdb-t_bracket ISDB-T10_10.1inch_digital_TV_receiver_with_full_seg_4

1、Products Suitable for application of countries::Japan、Brazil、southAmerica and other countries and regions.

2、Products adopt advanced diversity reception ISDB chip.

receiving sensitivity is strong(input level<[email protected] Full-seg\64QAM\ C/R=3/4;input level <[email protected]\QPSK\C/R=2/3).

3、product also can support RGB Interface of LCD screen, Resolution the biggest support up to 1980X1080.

4、Product has powerful TV program management functions, support 7 days navigation electronic program guide (EPG).

5、Products has power off memory function, after turn on the television, the current channel is last time channel when outage.

6、has over voltage, over current, reverse, EMI interference resistance,、power purify and protective measures .

7、wide power input, support 10~30Vinput;

8、Strong stability and high receiving sensitivity, upgrade, and reliable.

ISDB system



Input Input Frequency:(Brazil:174~216MHz & 470~806MHz)(Japan:170MHz ~ 770MHz)
input power:-95dBM~-0dBM
input impedance:50ohm
Demodulation modulation system:QPSK,16-QAM,64-QAM
II decoding video decoding:MPEG4,AVC/H.264


Audio decoding standard:MPEG2,AAC
Supported language Japan/ Portuguese/ Spanish/English
LCD screen display RGB output
analog video output(optional)


Video output port (CVBS)
output mode:Japan:NTSC;Brazil:PAL-M
output impedance:75ohm
Output level:1.0±20mVp-p(output format CVBS)
Digital video output(optional) HDMI 1.4

Support format:

– 1920x1080p @ 60Hz

– 1920x1080i @ 30Hz

– 1280x720p @ 30Hz

– 720x480i @ 60Hz

– 720x480p @ 60Hz

audio output


1 way 2W/8Ωloudspeaker;1way arphone
USB interface Package Updated

,machine power supply interface(+5V DC),

Input power Car battery / Car lighter
power consumption About 3.5W
Working Temperature -20—75℃
size Length 143MM×wide 88M×thickness 23MM
weight About 250G